Start your career with the diplomatic school
Our intensive course with the participation of current ambassadors and politicians will help you gain the necessary skills and knowledge.
Our mission
We promote the global exchange of ideas and knowledge, building bridges for mutual understanding and cooperation.

We support and strengthen the efforts of the diplomatic community by providing objective research, analysis and reports, as well as organizing events and forums.
What do we teach
Diplomatic protocol
and etiquette
We'll tell you what diplomatic protocol and etiquette is, directly from insiders.
Public speaking

You will be taught the art of public speaking for the purpose of persuasion and agreement.
Conflict management
How to resolve conflict situations, How to translate any conflict into a rational channel to achieve the desired results.
Trade Diplomacy
You will learn about what economic integration is, about the WTO, EEC, ADB associations and how they work.
Knowledge and experience is what is taught in our courses.
The school follows the latest trends in diplomatic education and aims to prepare the next generation of diplomatic leaders to succeed in the diplomatic environment of the 21st century. We help develop and implement strategies that influence the achievement of the goals of our students.
Vision of the course
The aim of the course is to develop business skills and professional competencies among young professionals of a wide range.
The diplomatic school was created to consolidate and concentrate the knowledge of leading diplomats, politicians of the country and international organizations into a single course.

We teach skills that are important in political and international activities, introduce you to the activities of Kazakh and foreign diplomats and politicians
Graduates of the School of Diplomacy
Embassies and international organizations cooperate with us
Experts conduct lectures and seminars
Online school of diplomacy developed by leading Kazakhstani experts