Start your career with the Diplomatic School
An intensive course with the participation of ambassadors, politicians, and professional trainers will help you to get the necessary skills and knowledge.
The Course
The Diplomatic School was created to consolidate and concentrate the knowledge of leading diplomats, politicians of the country, and international organizations into a single course
The purpose of the course is to develop skills and professional competencies among young professionals of a wide range
We teach skills that are important in political and international activities, introduce the activities of Kazakh and foreign diplomats and politicians
What do we teach?
  • Diplomatic Protocol & Etiquette
    We tell you what diplomatic protocol and etiquette are directly from insiders
  • Public speaking
    You will learn the art of public speaking to persuade and reach agreements
  • Conflict Management
    How to resolve conflict situations, how to de-escalate any conflict in a rational way to achieve the desired results
  • Commercial Diplomacy
    You will learn about what economic integration is, about WTO, EEC, ADB associations and how they work
Feedback from our students
  • It is a great pleasure to be one of the first students of the School of Young Diplomats and a part of this diplomatic networking. An informal approach to learning developed creative thinking.
    The acquired communication skills with business circles help me to this day.
    Utegenov Yerlan
    Second Secretary of the Americas Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • The School of Diplomacy is a wonderful opportunity to acquire new knowledge, get useful networking with representatives of the Embassies, as well as an invaluable experience of self-education. In addition to training, the School of Diplomacy offers various internships related to diplomatic topics in foreign countries.
    Learn, grow and be inspired!
    Akhmetova Indira
    Assistant to the Chairman of the First Heartland Jusan Bank JSC
  • It is worth noting that studying at the Diplomatic School made it possible, especially for young people, to discover important aspects of international relations. The very art of diplomacy is important not only for graduates, but no less relevant in our daily lives. It was interesting to take this course, get acquainted with the work of international organizations, foreign embassies and our foreign affairs agency.
    Dzhumurbaev Timur
    Chairman of the Republican Youth Organization "Zharasym" under the ANC
  • Studying at the school contributed to the improvement of diplomatic skills, I understand the goals and ideas of modern diplomacy, its tools and influence on the construction and development of international relations. This course is a kind of practical platform for young diplomats, helping to develop professional and leadership qualities.
    Taushova Diana
    Third Secretary of the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Brazil
  • Incredibly interesting lectures, knowledge and experience shared by diplomats and speakers of the School of Diplomacy was the most unforgettable. With each lesson, I improved my intellect, expanded my knowledge and could be interested in great opportunities for self-development in a personal dialogue with the speaker. Thanks to studying at the School, I now work at the Embassy. I have instilled in myself the skills and abilities that speaking diplomats had, and now I apply them in the course of my work, and not only. I have a very large circle of friends and acquaintances, I can find an approach to each person and start a conversation easily. This suggests that I am reaping the benefits and bringing my benefits to society, and all thanks to the School of Diplomacy.
    Sakhieva Kunikei
    Assistant to the Ambassador of the Republic of North Macedonia
  • Diplomacy is an important skill in the modern world, allowing you to achieve your goals and success. This skill has helped me more than once in difficult situations, both in professional negotiations and in everyday life.
    Studying at the Diplomatic School is a truly important stage in the development of my personality professionally. I am sure that the Deep School opened up new opportunities for me and introduced me to interesting people and opinions, becoming a springboard to social life. Everyone who wants to achieve something in this world must go through this school. I recommend!
    Bahretdinov Valikhan
    Director of the NGO "Ulan-gaiyr Dala Eli", Member of the Council on Youth Policy under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Head of the Coordination Center Model UN Central Asia at the Nazarbayev Center
Course fees:
After completing the course you will receive:
- Knowledge in business negotiations;
- Oratory;
- Ability to resolve conflicts;
- Learn the professional experience of diplomats;
- Learn diplomatic etiquette;
- Knowledge from the best personal trainers;
- Find friends and like-minded people;
- Certificate of completion of the course.